Virginia Tech Serenity Room

Virginia Tech and Nex Play add new wellness location on campus.

Serenity Room completed

An early December present was unveiled on the Virginia Tech campus with the opening of the new Serenity Room at the Cook Counseling Center. Rated number 1 by Princeton Review in 2021, the Cook Center continues to prioritize student well-being by now providing space for relaxation, stretching, and restoration for anyone who needs a break from their day on campus or for clients to utilize pre or post appointments.

The Serenity Room, designed to accommodate multiple individuals, groups, or a single user offers a cozy atmosphere that fosters a sense of personal space. The room already boasts several features, with additional enhancements planned for the coming months.

A standout features of the space is the restorative content of Three Sages by Gymlete featured on a 55” touchscreen. This interactive display offers a diverse range of content, including yoga, stretching exercises, meditation sessions, breath-work guidance, as well as binaural soundscapes. The room also includes water effects, visual relaxation, comfortable chairs, and accessories for yoga and meditation.

Chris Wise, the Assistant Vice President for Health and Well-Being, emphasized the Serenity Room aligns with the university’s commitment to meeting students where they are. This is just one way in which Student Affairs has changed the landscape at Virginia Tech. At Virginia Tech, The Cook Counseling Center, Hokie Wellness, Residential Well-Being, Recreational Sports, and the Schiffert Health Center work together and with campus partners to support the holistic well-being of the community. He described their approach as a proactive strategy akin to a reverse game of Jenga or Kerplunk. Rather than removing support (sticks), the university is implementing various initiatives to bolster student well-being. In addition to the Serenity Room, Virginia Tech stands out as the first Digitally Well University, as well as a pioneer in offering pet therapy and a new vision for residency life known as Residential Well-Being for the over 10,000 students living on campus.

Following the completion of the Serenity Room, Wise expressed a desire to replicate this type of room across campus, with a focus in residence hall as a component of their residential well-being work. These spaces would serve as starting points for students embarking on their wellness journeys, allowing them to be proactive in addressing their well-being as an individual or in small groups in convenient and routine ways. The concept of “Sips of Wellness” encourages a non-intimidating approach, where individuals can start with a quick 3 minute meditation and gradually build upon it or learn breathing techniques that can be used at any time they needed. For those struggling to relax, soundscapes would be available to soothe their mind and help them find the control and focus needed.

Nex Play, involved in early planning and design stages, contributed to the room’s development by integrating products and software that offered them the ability to expand their growth by integrating their own content using Three Sages or by creating their own unique designs on the Sisyphus table.

Chris Wise expressed openness to extending this initiative across campus and encouraged those interested in creating similar spaces to reach out to Nex Play for assistance, emphasizing their ability to tailor spaces to your specific needs.

For inquiries on creating a customized space or if you’re unsure about the feasibility of implementing such a project in your area, contact Nex Play for expert guidance. We specialize in creating spaces that cater to your unique requirements and ensure an optimal fit for your needs.

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